Latest version of the database (24/06/2019)

The latest EARLINET database including the versioning possibility is available and open to the public (24 June 2019).

The new database has been built working in the FAIR principle direction modifying many things from one side without forgetting the long EARLINET history from the other side.

The new database is available through the new interface at :


It allows data search and exploration, and plotting.

The new interface for uploading files is available at:


There you have the possibility to convert the files in old EARLINET format to the new one, but please consider that for being accepted by the new database you have to include some new info (see attached xls file, and some example of new files):

You do not need anymore to label your data with categories: climatology and  overpasses  are set directly from the database.

Even the name of the file is set directly during uploading phase, so don't worry about it.

Data become automatically public after the uploading if no technical problems have been found in the files with the basic quality control. Data are made public and labelled as Level 2 if all advanced quality physical controls are fulfilled, otherwise they are made public and labelled as Level 1.

Many new things are contained in this release. In order to share and discuss related questions that could be of interest of the whole community, instead of using emails, new topics has been opened on the EARLINET forum about the ARES (Aerosol remote Sensing ) DC, where we can discuss all the new things:

upload system: