Quality control

Quality Control procedure on datafile is a useful and needed tool which serves two main groups of users: Data Originator and External users. As concerns EARLINET, the network started its activities in 2000 based on cutting edge lidar instruments for aerosol detection over Europe which agreed on some format of the data and the database was set up in a collaborative way. Going now in the Research Infrastructure path, the set up of automatic QC procedure is a stringent request to be met. The needs of the network were different in different periods, and based on that some QC procedures were set up. 

With the release of the new version of the database (24 June 2019), all the Level 1 and Level 2 QCs are automatically working on fly during the file submission phase (download the documentation about on-fly procedures to be updated) in order to reduce the time for the availability of the data.

Outputs of the last 3-monthly QC procedure (15 April 2019).

Previous outputs of the QC procedures


All documentation about the QC actions is reported below (to be updated).