Changes log


Version 5.0 of SCC

The new SCC version (released on 08/11/2018) brings many important updates and enhancements:


1) New SCC workflow

The SCC workflow has been modified by including 4 new calculus modules: HiRELPP, Cloudmask, ELIC and ELQUICK


2) SCC product file format

All the SCC products are in NetCDF format and are CF compliant. To meet the CF compliance we had to modify the NetCDF structure of all the SCC products with respect to the old ones. This means that your reading software for the SCC products should be changed accordingly.In particular, the optical products generated by the SCC v5.0 are different from the EARLINET files we have used up to now. The new format is the same we have used for the publication of the data on CERA database. For the moment such files CANNOT be uploaded on the EARLINET database because it still requires the old format. Anyway we are going to release the new version of EARLINET database (presumably in January 2019) that will accept the new format only.

IMPORTANT: only the SCC product file format is changed. The raw input file format is still the same. This means no specific modifications are needed in your own converter to generate input file for the new SCC version.


3) Other enhancements

Please, note that in order to generate the new products (HiRELPP, Cloumask, ELIC and ELQUICK), it is necessary to define for the configuration(s) an high resolution product, following some basic instructions on how to do that.
Please report problems or suggestions on the SCC forum available at: